first nation fundings

We stand behind our First Nations students here at Eternal Beauty Institute and we welcome all
forms of grant funding through treaties across Canada. Our First Nations in take coordinator will help
guide you through the process of obtaining your funding for your education and also guiding you into
work with local spas, salons & medical spas after you have completed your program.

Are you looking to start your own beauty business? We can assist with that as well. Eternal Beauty
Institute can help you write & create your presentation for your small business grant. Sometimes
government programs are hard to navigate through & we are here to help!

first nation beauty school

1) You will need to establish what program you will want to take. If you are looking to take our
full-time program or if you are looking for an advanced paced program with our short-term

2) Once you have decided which options to take, we will then prepare all of your paper work to
submit to your councilor & grant board. 

3) Keep in mind that you will need to likely prepare a business plan: This is an important step
because it shows you have the drive to lay out a plan for your future!!! It’s not only fun to
image how your dream will unfold but very useful in the funding process.


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