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Dermal Fillers are a popular way of enhancing the face, by softening lines, contouring, replacing any volume lost due to the effects of ageing and t o plump up the lips. Many of our delegates will choose to do the Dermal Fillers course alongside our Eternal Beauty Botox training course as the two go hand in hand when providing aesthetic anti-ageing solutions in your clinic or practice. At Eternal Beauty Institute our core objectives for our Dermal Fillers Courses are to give all of our students an in depth understanding of facial anatomy, how treatments work and how they
should be administered safely. The aim is for our course attendees to leave feeling confident about entering the exciting world of aesthetics!
One of the benefits of dermal fillers is that they are versatile and can be used to enhance different areas of the face. Lips can be given shape and volume, cheeks and chin areas can be injected to restore lost definition and reshape the face for a younger looking appearance, and noses can be augmented for a ‘non-surgical nose job’ treatment.
More popularly, fillers are used to effectively smooth out or ‘fill-in’ wrinkles and creases in ageing skin- the most common areas being the nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines), the marionette lines which run from the mouth to the chin, and the glabella area between the eyebrows.


• Facial Anatomy
• Medical history and note taking
• Different types of dermal fillers Patient assessment Nose to mouth lines Lines around the eyes
• Marionette lines Chin lines How to achieve a natural result with Dermal Fillers Botox or Dermal Fillers?
• Pre-treatment and post-treatment care Possible complications and how to avoid/deal with them
• Demonstrations Practical training on models What next?
• Overview of Advanced Level Dermal Fillers

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The way we structure our Botox training – a blend of online learning and practical sessions for Advanced Levels – ensures a fully comprehensive understanding of the industry requirements. Eternal Beauty Institute’s unique approach will help you become a guru in the field of
Medical Esthetics. Our tutors for this qualification are experts in aesthetics, with a great deal of tutoring experience in the industry.
And what’s more, our support team are always on hand for any questions and assistance you may require following your training.
Upon completing your course you will receive a certificate which is recognised by all of the main insurance bodies.The wellbeing and aesthetics industry is growing rapidly which means selecting right training is more important than ever. Botox training courses must keep pace with the standards and regulations in the industry to ensure patient safety. In the anti-ageing market the injectable serum, Botulinum Toxin – more commonly known as Botox, has become one of the top procedures for the effective treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. Once the preserve of the rich and famous, this wonder-treatment now has a long track record of success and safety – making it a highly desirable procedure for a more youthful and healthy appearance.

• Facial Anatomy
• Different types/brands of Botulinum Toxin Medical history, consent forms and note taking
• Patient assessment Frown lines
• Forehead lines
• Crow’s feet
• Brow lifting Achieving a natural result with Botox Pre-treatment and post-treatment care Possible complications and how to avoid/deal with them Demonstrations Practical training on models

Dermal Fillers Paybright


• Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating)
• Definition of the chin/jaw (bruxism)
• How to correct a downward turned smile • Brow lift
• Reduce a gummy smile
• Smoker’s lines around the mouth
• Nefertiti lift

Dermal Fillers Paybright
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