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Most of us are more familiar with the concept of a bikini wax. It’s when an esthetician uses hot wax to get rid of the hair that would be visible if one were to wear a bikini bottom. The Brazilian is basically the same deal—just removing more hair*.* A Brazilian includes the strands along the vagina lips and in your behind. You can opt to leave a triangle or landing strip of hair on top. Or, you can go fully bare. Introduced back in 1987 by a group of Brazilian sisters, the Brazilian has remained the most popular hair removal method in the North American today.

Brazilian Waxing Program

.: Blood Borne Pathology
.: Spa Safety
.: History of Body Sugaring
.: Skin Anatomy
.: Types of Sugaring Products
.: How to Make Your Own Sugar
.: Hair Types and Textures
.: Pre and Post Care
.: Business Building
.: Marketing and Clientelling
.: Regulations/ Insurance

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.: E-learning Portal Logins with all textbooks, tutorial videos and learning materials
.: Unlimited Class time with our instructors
.: Certification and Grad Photo upon passing

**Kit Included**

Italian Trulli

Average treatment costs $50 – $130
Treatment time 20-30 mins

With 20 clients per month your average net income would be $ 1400 plus
With 30 clients per month your average net income would be $ 2100 plus
With 50 clients pet month your average net income would be $ 3500 plus
With 70 clients pet month your average net income would be $ 4900 plus

Beauty School Program

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