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Nano Brow is designed for those who are eager to improve the look of their brows, but without having that penciled-on result that many alternatives can achieve. This treatment utilizes a special Nano Needle that draws on each individual hair so it emulates real eyebrow hair. This is what makes it look so natural.

Each treatment will begin with first determining the exact shape and style that you want. Then the eyebrows are drawn on using a removable pencil, initially. Since this step is the most important one, it takes the longest. When you’re dealing with your eyebrows, you want them done right, so it’s important to be patient during this process. This step alone should take at least an hour.

Once the application of the temporary pencil is complete, you will be given a topical cream to numb the area to reduce any sensation, along with an aesthetic. Then the Nano Needle is used. Overall, you can expect the treatment to be relatively painless.

Nano Brow program

.: Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP)
.: Skin and Internal Anatomy
.: Conditions of the Skin
.: Contraindications
.: Fitzpatrick Skin Scale and Skin Typing
.: Spa Safety
.: Pigment Lines and Products
.: Brow Mapping
.: Nano Brow Techniques
.: Pre and Post Care
.: Business Building
.: Marketing and Clientelling
.: Regulations/ Insurance

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.: E-learning Portal Logins with all textbooks, tutorial videos and learning materials
.: Unlimited Class time with our instructors
.: Certification and Grad Photo upon passing

**Kit Included**

Nano brow Course

Average treatment cost $299- $950
Treatment time 90 mins

With 20 clients per month your average net income would be $5900 plus
With 30 clients per month your average net income would be $8900 plus
With 50 clients pet month your average net income would be $14,900 plus
With 70 clients pet month your average net income would be $20,930 plus

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