Want to Make Excellent Money? Increase your income in as little as a week? With Eternal Beauty’s Accelerated Certification process you can be earning money as soon as you finish your beginners course! We pride ourselves on delivering excellent instruction. With a great student teacher ratio and cutting edge techniques you will be able to offer the services clients and the market place are searching for!!!

Common Questions Asked by Students:

  • How Much Can I Make in a Week Doing Permanent Make-Up?

    One of the most exciting parts of training with Eternal Beauty is our expertise in actually creating a business model that generates income quickly. Our owners are all very successful entrepreneurs. To see their profiles click here Company Directory.If you follow the steps we give you in your course you will likely start out with 3-8 clients per week as your client base grows. We also suggest that you don’t price yourself out of the market in the beginning either. With a very conservative price of $250 a treatment that is between $750 and $2,000 a week as soon as you finish your certification. Monthly that is an income of $3,000 – $8,000 with 3-8 hours a week of your time. It is very easy to continue with our current employment and add incredible income each month until you feel ready QUIT YOUR JOB!! Altogether!

  • What are the Prerequisites to Taking Eternal Beauty’s Courses?

    There are no prerequisites to the course however these are some guidelines that we feel give students the best head start.
    – You Need to be somewhat Artistic – It is very important to have a good eye for Symmetry and Artistic ability. You don’t need to be a professional Artist but you do need to have that creative spirit in you. If you can’t draw a stickman this is likely not the career for you.
    – You Need to like working with the public. This is a very social job and you will be consulting and catering to the needs of your clients. The most successful students that make a fantastic career with Permanent Make-up love people. You are not just selling your skills when you meet a client you are also selling yourself. People will book with the Artist that the trust and so creating a bond with the client is essential.
    – DESIRE! Desire to be successful is the number one factor that will ensure success! If you are excited and passionate about your future you will create that dream for yourself! But it takes effort and the willingness to follow the business steps we give you to create that dream. WE only accept students that are hungry for a new direction and WANT to learn and create a business. All of our students have gone on to create great side income or full blown businesses with our tried and tested full certification and business/ start-up training.

  • Can I open an Eternal Beauty Location?

    Yes! If you want us to guide you will our many yes of expertise into opening your own Eternal Beauty Location we have the team to get YOU & YOUR business off the ground!

  • Do I Need to Bring My Own Models?

    This depends on how many models we have available in our database. We may need you to find models if we can not fill all spots. But we will let you know if we are short on models! Eternal Beauty has never had a student that didn’t have enough live models to work on so we will help you every step of the way!
    Please note: Concerning Models; all work done in class and by new students will be corrected if necessary by the instructor before each model goes home to heal from the procedure. All models will be 100% satisfied with procedures and will be given after-care products for a small charge of $150.

  • How Often Do Your Courses Run?

    The Certification Course Run Every Single Week. We have Evening Classes, Weekend Classes and Weekday Classes. WE also have private One-on-One Classes if you need specific dates. So please let us know your needs and we will make sure we can put together a format that works for you. At Eternal Beauty we know you are busy so we make it our mission to cater to your the student!

  • What are the Fees?

    The fees are listed below depending on the course level you are taking. You will also need to purchase your equipment. These are also listed below. We only offer students the BEST possible equipment. Some Schools offer cheap Rotary Machines that greatly effect the quality of the tattoo. These cheap guns will make it VERY difficult to create good Permanent Make-up for the beginner student. At Eternal Beauty we don’t want you to ever be frustrated. So we only give you the option for equipment that we KNOW will put you on par with the EXPERTS in the industry.
    We always say “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR” when it comes to the equipment you use. INVEST IN THE BEST TO BE THE BEST!!!

  • Why are the Classes at Eternal Beauty Shorter than other Certification Courses?

    Because we have focused your class time with instructors specifically for working on your techniques. The theory part of the course will be done on your own time. Because students learn at different rates & through different methods we like students to study the way they will best absorb the information. There are videos, tutorials and home practice kits that will be provided. Then when you get into class you are already 50% on your way to becoming a pro!!!!

We focus on 3 things in our courses:

    Making sure you are creating the most beautiful tattoo possible on your clients (Models) and that you understand how to colour match, what are the differences in pigments and inks, and how to design the work you are going to tattoo that will keep your clients coming back for years. Your Skills are what will set you apart and make you a successful business owner!
    This is absolutely essential… you can be the greatest Tattoo Artist in the world but if no one knows you exist then you have just wasted all your money on a course. WE know it is the linchpin to your ultimate success is to teach you small business 101 on a budget. WE guide you through our proven steps to ensure you have clients the very next week. YOU WILL PAY OFF YOUR INITIAL INVESTMENT IN THE COURSE AND THE EQUIPMENT IN ONE MONTH! If you follow these steps!
    It is also very important that you know the regulations and how insurance works, you liability and all of the legal paper work. You leave our Certification Courses with all the templates and all the knowledge to make sure you are following all of the Sanitation, Provincial Health Guidelines and Insurance and Legal Guidelines to protect yourself and your clients!

To register for Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing Beginners Course or any advanced training courses please Click Here to fill out The Application.

$750 deposit is required to hold your spot in the 3-day course. The remaining balance for all machinery and training is due on the first morning of classes.

$500 deposit is required for all 1 day courses.

If you have any further questions about Eternal Beauty’s Micropigmentation Training -Certification please feel free to call us at 1-866-330-9490 or email us at


4 day Course – 2 Days in Class.
Sanitization, Insurance, Provincial Health Standards
Basic Brows Solid, How to Create the Perfect Brow
Eyeliner, How to Reshape the Eyes, Eyeliner Design, Colour Theory
Lipliner, Lip Design and Colour Theory
How to Start your Own Business, How to Market Permanent Make-up to Existing Clients
How to Advertise on a Budget
How to Find Clients
How to build your Portfolio
How to build a website/ Marketing is Key
***You will need a Kit to begin Tattooing on your own. Nouveau Contour Digital Machine, Needles, Pigments and all Accessories to begin your new career!
Cost of Digital Kit $3,500.00 (Includes Everything You Will Need to Begin)

2 day course, 1 Day Home Study; 1 Day live Models
This is a very intense 2 day course where we focus on live models so you can begin to work immediately after you complete the certification.
Cost of Microblading Kit $250.00 (Includes Everything You Will Need to Begin)

Hair Stoke Brows/Microblading Included
3D Airbrush Brow Technique
Cat eye – Winged Eyeliner
3D Lip Design
Advanced Brows
Feather Touch Technique
Why your Hair Stroke Disappeared after Healed? How to prevent from?
Eye Brow Color Correction (Blue, Orange, Purple & Pink)
How to Prevent Eye Brow from Color Change
Non Surgical Eye Brow Removal
Eye Brow Camouflage
Eye shadow application technique
Advanced Eyeliner
Pre-medication for Eyes
Cateye Technique for Winged Liner
How to Correct Uneven Eyeliner
How to Enlarge The Eyes
How to Minimize Touch ups
How to Prevent Color from Changing to Blue or Purple
Eyeliner for Every Ethnicity
Wetline Eyeliner
Men’s Eyeliner
Eye Enhancement, Eyeliner for the Natural Girl
Advanced Lips
Pre-medication for Lips Procedure
Full Lips Fill in Technique
3D lip Technique (Its Amazing)
How to Correct Uneven Lips
How to Enlarge Lips
How to Reduce Lips
Why Lip Colors didn’t stay? How to Minimize Touch ups
How to Prevent Color from Changing to Black (blue or purple)
How to do Lips Procedure for Women with Color
Blue and Purple Lips Correction.
Men’s Lip Shading Techniques
Blush Application Technique

Permanent Makeup Machine

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