Stress Free Bridal Beauty.

Being a bride can be exhausting, trying to plan a wedding and keep everything in order ( even your sanity)is no easy feat.

Here are some tips to keep all of you brides stress free this season!

Among one of the hottest trends this season is brows -lets take a moment to appretiate the full , natural brow .Put those tweezers down and let your natural brow shape take place .if you don’t have much growth not to worry try a semi permanent brow tattoo treatment such as microblading.

Healthy, Radiant, conditioned skin speaks for itself, tell your artist to easy up on the contour,baking and strobing trends and let your natural glow be displayed.Pair it with beautiful bold eyes or a bright ip and voila your skin will take center stage.

No such thing as starting your bridal prep too soon -in order for your skin to take center stage you must prep it and take care of it

-use products with AHA’s ( exfoliating acids) to remove dead skin cells

-always use SPF moisturizing products

-Don’t experiment with any new products 3 weeks prior to your big day( your skin takes time to adjust to new products,and with In this adjusting period you may react or break have a regime and stick to it months before

-green tea is amazing for clearing and brightening your skin

-don’t forget to moisturize your hands and lips ( sweet almond oil is amazing )

Classic Glamour never goes out of style, red lips , bold cat eyes ( or now trending geometric cat eyes etc ) paired with a vintage head piece and you’re al set.

Having a strong understanding and connection with your hair and makeup artist is a must. They need to truly understand you and your style in order for you to feel like yourself on your big day. Stay within your comfort zone and communicate as trends go in and out of style-you want to look back 10 years from now and be happy.

-let your hair down and loose, dont be afraid not to do the traditional up-do

-using a near matching light pink on eyes and lips will give a youthful glowing look

-smile, this is your big day you have worked so hard to make it perfect

-Jessica Parmar
Eternal Beauty

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