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Facial & Chemical Peels

  • SKN-120

    32 Hours

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    Transform your client's skin naturally by improving skin texture and tone with effective facial and chemical peel techniques

Course Description

This course is intended for anymore that is interested in transforming their client’s skin naturally. Facials and chemical peels aid in the recreation of beautiful skin. They are both extremely popular treatments and very lucrative services to offer. These treatments help the skin to exfoliate and resurfaces the skin’s texture and tone. You will have repeat clients year after year with this treatment.

A light chemical peel can improve skin texture and tone, as well as decrease the appearance of fine wrinkles. The results will be subtle at first, but will increase with repeated treatments. After a light chemical peel, avoid sun exposure until new skin completely covers the treated area.

After a deep chemical peel, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in the look and feel of treated areas. You’ll need to protect your skin from the sun permanently to prevent changes in skin color. To download the complete course brochure, click here.

Everything You Need
What's Included With This Course
  • e-Learning Student Portal Access
  • Textbooks & Learning Material
  • Online Video Tutorials
  • Unlimited Class Time With Instructors
  • Official Certification
  • Graduation Photograph
Course Outline
  • Skin & Internal Anatomy
  • Conditions of the Skin
  • Contraindications
  • Pre & Post Care
  • Business Building
  • Marketing & Clienteling
  • Acne, Anti-aging & Scar Treatments
  • Insurance, Liability & Client waivers
  • Product Selection
  • Facials: Relaxation, Acne, Spa, Anti-aging
  • Glycolic, Latic, Jessner, Fusion Peel, TCA Peels
Eternal Beauty Institute Official Certification
Profit Potential

Treatment Time

60 minutes

Average Price

$75 - $150

Beauty Service Earning Potential
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