Eternal Beauty Institute was founded in 2013 by its President Barbara McBean. The
principals on which the Eternal Beauty dynamic ring true throughout its many campus
locations that span North America……Exceptional spa and salon training.

With 9 locations currently open in North America and many new locations opening soon.
Eternal Beauty Institutes also offers remote monthly classes in every city in North
Eternal Beauty is not just another school; we are focused and committed to bringing you
the very best the industry has to offer. From our elite professional instructors to our
stunning world-class learning centers. You will notice from the time you walk through
our doors that Eternal Beauty does not feel like a school, but rather a high-end clinical
setting with a touch of glamour.
Eternal Beauty was founded on the principals that beauty treatments in most cases are
extremely intuitive and requires a special set of artist ability and an eye for the aesthetic
and symmetry. Success in this field also requires a keen adherence to business and
marketing as well as the ability to network and properly care for and manage clientele.
Eternal Beauty has several in-house programs that facilitate the careers and success of
their students:

Earn While You Learn Program

Barbara Mcbean
Barbara is the Founder & President of Eternal Beauty International and many global technology companies & beauty lines. With over 20 years of medical spa experience & ownership. At the age of 20 she created the tanning franchise Baja Suntan Studios in Calgary, AB. Eternal Beauty was founded on the principles that education should be accessible for everyone that has the spirit to learn & grow!
Jennifer Hofer
Owner/President - Winnipeg

With a background in business and working for 10 years running businesses in the construction industry, the move to beauty slowly started with moving to education and teaching at a Winnipeg college. With that, the process started, more exclusive training and certifications and then onto finding our Winnipeg home, opening Eternal Beauty Institute Winnipeg – officially in 2019.

Laura Cobb
Owner/President - Red Deer

Laura has been in the esthetics industry since 2008 & opened her own medi spa in 2015. Laura loves all things skin! She is a perpetual student that highly values education and has always loved the process of learning. “I have been through a very large number of courses and some have been really good and others, not so great. I knew immediately that there was something different about Eternal Beauty and I needed to be a part of it”.

Brent Marsall
Franchise Manager

Brent Marsall takes business development to a whole new level. With the creation & ownership of many multi-million dollar brands. In his early 20’s he developed a specialized perimeter insulation that lead to Brent to successfully open a large scale hot tub factory in Alberta, Canada. He later went on to open up western Canada’s most successful chain of pools and spa dealerships World of Spas. Brent’s investments span the globe from state of the art dine-in movie theatres, antique malls & large scale real estate and condo developments.

Jaden Abella
Marketing/Design Specialist

Jaden is the dynamic powerhouse of the Eternal Beauty marketing team. Jaden’s artistry & design makes our vision & those of our franchisee’s come to life! President & founder of his own marketing firm; Jaden does every work in #style. There is a stroke of genius in his work, beautifully talented in videography, video-editing, in-house movie creation, expert graphic artist & website development. We could not do what we do without him!

Stuart Wilkinson
Medical Doctor(M.D) - Calgary

Dr. Stuart Wilkinson studied medicine at the University of Calgary Medical School receiving his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in 2000. He spent 4 years working as a medical doctor in a family practice and as medical director for the Pure North S’Energy Foundation, Canada’s largest non-for-profit organization that focuses on primary prevention of chronic disease.

Manfred Zeissman
Medical Doctor(M.D) - Winnipeg

Dr. Manfred Ziesmann is a Canadian board-certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing in Winnipeg since 1988. A graduate of the University of Manitoba Medical School, he completed his residency in plastic surgery in 1986. In 2004, Dr. Ziesmann opened a private practice focusing on the cosmetic aspects of plastic surgery. Since then, he has expanded with 2 clinics, offering a vast range of cosmetic and beauty-enhancing services for his clients. Additionally, he works at the Pan Am Clinic, the Maples Surgery Centre, and the Health Sciences Centre.

Daina Riley
Educational Coordinator

Daina is an experienced skin specialist & laser technician. Daina received her skin specialist & laser technician certification at the Eternal Beauty Institute in 2018, & since has found her passion helping women regain confidence in their appearance through Plasmalift skin tightening, laser pigment & vein treatments, tattoo removals, & various anti-aging & skin rejuvenation treatments including microneedling, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, & facials/chemical peels.

Harmony Brook
Educational Coordinator - Winnipeg

Her journey in the beauty Industry began in 2012 and she hasn’t stopped since! Her education and experience includes Permanent Make-up, Microblading, Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Fibroblast Plasmalift, Henna Brow, Artificial Nail technician, and Body sugaring. She promises to always ensure that her clients have the best possible experience and that her students be confident and successful by providing them with the most up-to-date and thorough education.

Jennifer Lister
Esthetician - Winnipeg

Jennifer Lister is a Certified Microblading & Eyelash Extensions technician. A dental assistant with 5 years of experience, Jennifer worked in a cosmetic, implant & sleep dentistry office, assisting with several cosmetic procedures including teeth whitening. Jennifer then decided to expand her interests in a different area of cosmetics in 2017 by taking the the Microblading course. For a year, she worked full time as a dental assistant and provided Microblading services on the side.

Louanne Lamoureux
Esthetician - Winnipeg

Her creativity has helped her win a Gold medal for artificial nails and nail art in the 2002 Manitoba Skills competition. When it comes to nail art her creative mind can get you ready for any special occasion from Weddings to every holiday or season. In the field of esthetics, Louanne specializes in many areas such as skin care, hair removal and make-up. She had won a Bronze medal for a fantasy make-up competition in 2002.

Tina Di Bartolo
Lead Student Coordinator - Winnipeg

Tina is a licence aesthetician and our lead student coordinator in the Winnipeg Location. Her passion for everything concerning the beauty industry continues to fuel her love for aesthetics. Tina is a people person and is excited and honoured to assist each and every student along their personal path to success in their career. Tina is a guru of skincare, medical aesthetics and beauty products! She is all about glamour, fashion and business!

Amber Carter
Clinical Esthetics Instructor

Amber is one of our talented Clinical Aesthetics instructors. She has years of experience traveling North America to training individuals and companies the art or Medical Aesthetics. With a love for educating and a passion for the industry, Amber brings a strong skill set and a refreshing outlook on cutting edge treatment variations to the table to share with all of her present and future students here at Eternal Beauty Institute

Jordan Stannard
Clinical Esthetics Instructor

For over 15 years Jordan has been involved with the medical esthetics industry. Owner and founder of Permanence Beauty and a highly trained cosmetic artist - not only as a certified, advanced, permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation specialist, but also a brow shaping/waxing specialist and professional makeup artist. . In addition to these, Jordan is a practiced expert in handcrafted, intricate nail art/designs, using both gel and acrylic as a nail tech.

Marina Portillo
Licensed Esthetician

Marina is a esthetics graduate of Penrose Academy Beauty School. Marina became part-owner of Fine Fittings Aesthetics and Wig shop in 2012. She started with Fine Fittings part time while holding a full-time job as a substance abuse counselor in residential rehab. She is originally from the country of Uzbekistan, having come to the United States in 2004. She learned the English language and earned two masters degrees in psychology & human resources by the year of 2011.

Shannique Austin
Glam Medispa/Eternal Beauty Owner - Los Angeles

Owner of Glam Spa by Shannique in Los Angles, Ca has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. Known today as the talented, lash artist and ‘it-girl’ providing lash services for women and high profile celebrities in the SoCal area. Shannique loves to teach and give back what she has learned throughout the years. Shannique specializes in training eyelash extensions, all things skin care, and plasma lift. She started her career as a junior artistic member for Sebastian International, the go-to and innovative beauty brand of its time.

Dixie Gladbach
Social Media, Content Creation & Marketing - Los Angeles

Who is based in Los Angles started off her career as the go to guru in social media, content creation, and marketing. However, she was always attracted to all things related to the beauty industry. She loved the artistry, fun, and inspiration of skin care. Being a part of the Glam Spa team for over 3 years, she was trained by Shannique Austin and she continues to grow and find her passion for revolutionary beauty treatments. She is excited to teach you amazing treatments along with helping grow your business into what you have always dreamed.

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