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    Anxiety: Mental Health & Wellness Guide

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    Activity Menu

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    Activity Scheduling: At Home Practice Sheet

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    Goal Setting Bricks Handout

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    Mood Monitoring Sheet

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    Advanced Problem-Solving Worksheet

Introductory Information

  • Welcome To Your Student Portal

  • Your 1st Day At Eternal Beauty

  • Sanitization: Washing Your Hands & Tools

  • Starting Your Business & Getting Insured

About Eternal Beauty Institute

  • About This e-Learning Portal

  • How To Get Your Models

  • What To Wear, Bring & Expect Here

  • Our Student Training Guarantee

Course Information & Instruction

  • What Are Panic Attacks?

  • Breathing Exercises For Panic Attacks

  • Stop Negative Thinking

  • 10 Minute Meditation For Anxiety

  • Positive Affirmations To Overcome Anxiety

  • I AM Affirmations

  • Diet Mistakes That Cause Anxiety

  • Key Foods For Mental Health

  • Drink More Water To Stop Anxiety

  • Catastrophizing

  • The Power Of Positivity

Marketing & Advertising

  • Marketing & Advertising: Part 1

  • Marketing & Advertising: Part 2

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