Eternal Insights

Our Fears, Concerns & Worries

Barbara McBean

by Barbara McBean

Spiritual Energy

March 18, 2021


There seems to be this notion that in order to be great, one also must be fearless. Fear is natural. We are all born into a body that is capable of fear and excitement. When our heart races and we feel exhilaration towards something we want to create, we call that excitement. When we face the unknown and the same adrenalin courses through our veins, we call that fear. As wisdom grows one understands not to fight these feelings they are a natural part of our very make up and our chemistry. Allow them to pass through you and slowly fear will fall away.

Now what about concern? We feel some need to be concerned about the state of society. We find the need to be concerned about our children, our health, other people. But concern is a form of fear we have slightly muted into the acceptable. But nonetheless, our concerns can rob us of our innocence and happiness. If it was ever true that such concerns actually caused some positive effect against any situation, then I suppose it would be a worthwhile endeavor. But the fact is, it only erodes the beauty of any moment. Just stop concerning yourself with everything and rather let life flow over you, through you and around you. Concern will only cause a man to form a habit of worry.

Chronic worrying leads to anxiety and these types of thoughts will diffuse the beauty of life. You can worry about your health, you can worry about your finances, you can worry about the state of the world, or you can get down to the business of living, doing and growing.

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