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The Tiny Tattoo Trend

by Debra Dedyluk

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November 8, 2022


What are tiny tattoos & how can I earn a great living with it?

Tiny tattoos, also known as micro tattoos, are subtle, delicate and often minimalist artwork that are impactful using fine lines. The tattooist uses fine needles to create images, letters, words, script writing, numbers, mandalas, geometrics or anything you can imagine.

This trend is in popular demand and is an exceptional opportunity to market a new service to potential clients. It is well suited for those who want their first tattoo, as they are subtle, refined and fairly inexpensive. Likewise, those individuals who do not feel comfortable in a tattoo studio setting will feel more at ease in the clean and comfortable environment of a medispa. Tiny tattoos are a fantastic addition to any salon, spa or medispa.

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Tiny tattoos typically measure one to two inches in size. The tattooing process should take approximately one hour with setup, applying the stencil and completing the tattoo. This is where charging $75 to $100 or more for the hour can be highly lucrative. Consultation and unique designs are an additional hourly fee, as well as upsells to larger or more complex tattoo designs.

While they can be applied anywhere, the most popular placements for tiny tattoos include behind the ears, on the wrists or on ankles. These are sensitive areas, so it is important to be well trained to handle them with a delicate touch.

How do I become a professional tiny tattoo artist?

If you are a creative mind, have a permanent makeup background, have budding artistic abilities or just wanting to start a new career, the Eternal Beauty Institute’s Tiny Tattoo Course offers extensive online learning, practical applications in a classroom environment and the opportunity to work on three live models with hands-on, individual guidance and direction from the instructor.

Once certified you will be able to establish a memorable experience for your clients by creating a symbolic tattoo that incorporates clever minimalist designs. Then the fun begins with networking and marketing to promote your new talents!

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