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BARBARA MCBEAN BEAUTY GURU Inside Is Where Beauty Comes From

by Raj

Barbara Mcbean

March 25, 2019


Barbara is the Founder & President of Eternal Beauty International and many global technology companies & beauty lines. With over 20 years of medical spa experience & ownership. At the age of 20 she created the tanning franchise Baja Suntan Studios in Calgary, AB. In 2005 Barbara competed in the prestigious Miss Universe Pageant while attending University in British Columbia, she later relocated back to Alberta to finish her studies in psychology at the University of Calgary.

Eternal Beauty was founded on the principles that education should be accessible for everyone who has the spirit to learn & grow! This passion for creating excellence is the foundation of the Eternal Beauty Group and Satellite Technology Companies & beauty brands.

Barbara McBean photos by Johnny Mio
BARBARA MCBEAN teaches you that beauty is really from within. Watch her interviews to get inspired.

Eternal Beauty Institute

The Eternal Beauty Institute was founded in 2013 by its President Barbara McBean. The principals on which the Eternal Beauty dynamic ring true throughout its many campus locations that span North America…… Exceptional spa and salon training. With 9 locations currently open in North America and many new locations opening soon. Eternal Beauty Institutes also offers remote monthly classes in every city in North America. 

Eternal Beauty is not just another school; we are focused and committed to bringing you the very best the industry has to offer. From our elite professional instructors to our stunning world-class learning centers. You will notice from the time you walk through our doors that Eternal Beauty does not feel like a school, but rather a high-end clinical setting with a touch of glamour.

Eternal Beauty was founded on the principals that beauty treatments in most cases are extremely intuitive and requires a special set of artist ability and an eye for the aesthetic and symmetry. Success in this field also requires a keen adherence to business and marketing as well as the ability to network and properly care for and manage clientele. Eternal Beauty has several in-house programs that facilitate the careers and success of their students.


We stand behind our First Nations students here at Eternal Beauty Institute and we welcome all forms of grant funding through treaties across Canada. Our First Nations in take coordinator will help guide you through the process of obtaining your funding for your education and also guiding you into work with local spas, salons & medical spas after you have completed your program. Are you looking to start your own beauty business? We can assist with that as well. Eternal Beauty Institute can help you write & create your presentation for your small business grant. Sometimes government programs are hard to navigate through & we are here to help!

Barbara McBean Photo by Johnny Mio


  • You will need to establish what program you will want to take. If you are looking to take our full-time program or if you are looking for an advanced paced program with our short-term certifications.
  • Once you have decided which options to take, we will then prepare all of your paper work to submit to your councilor & grant board. 
  • Keep in mind that you will need to likely prepare a business plan: This is an important step because it shows you have the drive to lay out a plan for your future!!! It’s not only fun to image how your dream will unfold but very useful in the funding process.

Barbara McBean CEO of ETERNAL BEAUTY INSTITUTE Cutting The Female Beauty Stigma. She says try to have an internal love for your own natural beauty first and enhance and maintain that!


Barbara L. McBean, President & CEO of ETERNAL BEAUTY INSTITUTE. Photo by Johnny Mio


Barbara McBean, throws amazing concert charity events under Vidalash Ball where we first met this Beauty Guru who gives back to her community, at her Omi Fundraiser for a young girl with cancer who was a Calgary Stars Cheerleader.

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