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Is Manifestation Real?

Barbara McBean

by Barbara McBean

Woman Manifesting Inner Energy

January 16, 2021


Manifestation? Is that even a real thing?

Manifestation is a great new term people like to use that elicits the idea that you can just bend the universe with your mind and will.

It would essentially be that simple if we were all completely pure and had no internal issues and karma to unwind.

Although recently the karmic structure has been altered to allow some advanced souls and masters to opt out of karma, that is not true for most.

True manifesting is a culmination of the following.

Pure desire that can only come from deep love. No attachment to the ego’s desires. After we establish purity of thought and will, secondly we must have consistency. This means that we can manifest nothing if we change our minds too often. The universe requires a steady steam of the idea held within the quantum field in a steadfast manner showing the soul’s dedication. This allows it to manifest as something material or concrete, here on Earth.

You must also apply faith and hard work and humility. Having faith involves surrendering to the divine. Allowing the knowledge that all things are done for us in the best sequencing that will allow our soul to grow and deeply understand our lessons.

Effort or work must be applied. Anything that is loved requires our attention and for us to give of ourselves through our gifts, time and energy. This is the way we show the divine that we are worthy of our requests and that we are able to shoulder all that comes with its manifestation. We plant our fields and anticipate our bountiful harvest.

Humility is the relaxation of immediacy and entitlement in order to forego that of the ego’s timeline and adopt a blending into the flow of life.

Manifesting is the art of seeing the beauty in all states, in all stages and in all things. Through this state we become one with life instead of separate from it.

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