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Love 101: What Is Love?

Barbara McBean

by Barbara McBean

Tree of Life · Flower of Life · Seed of Life

Tree of Life · Flower of Life · Seed of Life

January 14, 2021


What Is Love? I don’t believe the answer to this is commonly thought about any more. But it’s truly the most important thing to grasp. This is my best explanation of something that words cannot do justice.

First, remove all thoughts about love-and-sex. That’s not love. That is just neurochemicals messing with your perception. Sex can be the ultimate expression of love, it’s true, but that’s high-level, Kama Sutra slash Christ Consciousness type spiritual stuff. Very few manage to achieve that and those that do probably turn into stars or something afterwards. For this discourse, we are focusing on unconditional love, as opposed infatuation. So keep your pants on.

Ok, so to comprehend love, let’s first think about how heat works. Heat is energy. Coldness is a lack of energy. You can introduce heat to something cold and warm it up. But you cannot introduce cold to something warm and cool it down, although it kind of appears that way. When something is cooling down, heat energy is being removed. The point is, cold is not really anything. It is a lack of something. It’s a lack of energy.

Similarly, think about how light works. Light is energy. Darkness is a lack of light. If you put a light in a dark room, you light up the room. You cannot put darkness into a bright room and make it dark. Darkness is not anything, it is a lack of light. Darkness can never overcome light. For darkness to exist, light must be blocked.

Now consider love. Love is energy. Hate is a lack of love. This one is more complex to consider because of its subjective nature, but it really is just as simple. People become hateful because of a lack of love. Love is light and love is warmth because it’s all energy. It’s all vibrations. Raise your vibrations, raise your energy. Love is the highest energy; if you allow it to flow through your heart, hate and negativity cannot exist there. Hatred is not actually anything. It is the absence of love.

To take it one step further, consider good and evil. Goodness is energy. Goodness is selflessness, meaning you are willing to do something that will help or benefit someone else without ever expecting to get anything in return, even if it will cost you time, money, energy or otherwise. Evil is a lack of goodness; it’s the emptiness in your heart when goodness is not there. Evil is selfishness, meaning you are only willing to do something if it will help or benefit yourself, even if it will cost others time, money, their lives or otherwise. And like the past examples, evil can never defeat goodness; it can only block it. Goodness prevails over evil simply by existing. So be GOOD in your HEART, don’t be neutral. A neutral heart is lifeless and allows evil to flourish, but I guess hindsight is 2020.

If we let love into our hearts we can overcome evil, remove hatred, shine our light and warm the hearts of others. Love is contagious, spread it!

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