Eternal Insights

We Are Not Really Free

Barbara McBean

by Barbara McBean

Sky Energy Vortex

January 12, 2021


Freedom. A concept perhaps lost beyond this modern time. We are not free. We are slaves to the things we use to foolishly to define ourselves.

The technology that keeps us captive, ever grabbing for that next fix. We are bound by disconnected connectivity. This contradictory nature our era that eats away at the very fabric of our balance.

We are lost in the ideals of capitalism. Profits and tabulations that are the benchmarks of a mans successes. This is not freedom. This is a distraction of the ego. We want to appear as if know what it means to have arrived. Some futile delusion of control.

And what of it, when you finally get that fancy $300,000 car or that mansion on the hill? Then starts the quest for another and another, and bigger, better, more. But you don’t realize that in this feeble quest you have enslaved yourself to obligatory nature of the things that you are responsible for. Ever do they loom, their shadows marring any peaceful moment with the extension of their foreboding duty.

True freedom is not achieved through a hefty bank balance or some title or mass following. True freedom can only be won by way of the heart. Through a steady knowing of what is good and right and beautiful.

It should be the hope of any and all beings to see the sun rise and feel the wind. To know the smell of the rain in the air and not wonder how soon one must return to the dull mediocrity of daily life. To free one’s mind of the chatter of some glowing television box.

Freedom is the opportunity that exists within every man to fall in love with the romance of living. To breathe deeply with a reverence of this tiny moment in time. The grace to be exactly as one is in all our flamboyant charming eccentricities. To dissolve all fear of the unknown and go boldly into each next new beginning.

This passion for something more, something grander and greater still lives within each of us. It is only up to us to set it ablaze and claim our truest nature.

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