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What Polarity Are You?

Barbara McBean

by Barbara McBean

Positive Aura Energy

February 11, 2021


What polarity are you? Have you ever experienced an energy vampire? If that sounds a little crazy, well it’s actually just basic science.

People can and do drain your energy field, literally. That’s why when you are in love, you feel like you have unlimited energy. You can stay up all night and get up still feeling on top of the world. Which is partially due to neurochemicals, but your brain releases these chemicals based on the frequencies of electromagnetic fields and pheromones present. Likewise, when you encounter a person with a negative polarity, you will immediately feel drained of your high vibrational energy.

So it’s wise to learn how to protect your energy and identify if you might even be residing in this low vibrational field and doing this to others.

When a being gravitates to negativity as their default energy, they require a certain energy field to sustain that polarity. They will fuel their life force with fear, hatred, judgment and sadness to empower themselves. When a person gets their strength from the dark side, they will naturally feel empowered when arguing, belittling, cruelty and harming others. They do this in order to build themselves up inside; to fuel the ego. The weaker they can make another, the more power they feel they wield.

There is certainly a spectrum. On the extreme end, we have the darkest and most dangerous including serial killers, pedophiles, violent beings and those who pride themselves on taking advantage of others and who distort reality for their own selfish gains. In the less extreme range of this spectrum of negative polarity, we have the self-absorbed. When beings reside here, they are still energy thieves and can bring down your energy to a low vibrational state.

When you are vibrating at a high frequency, you are energized and gain power through love, giving, helping, empowering, teaching, kindness, gentleness and patience. When you are vibrating at a low frequency, you are energized and gain power from gossip, bigotry, judgement, belittlement, hurtful sarcasm, frantic energies, victimization, worrying, complaining, speaking ill of others, hurtful language, racism, arrogance, dishonesty, gloating, selfishness, guilt, shame and wild energies which fracture a calm and peaceful vibratory field.

When someone comes into your positive field with a negative field, they will alter your polarity and lower your vibration. In a sense, the person with a negative vibration will be winning because they feed off of the energy of others.

Can negative beings change? Yes, of course they can. Many people will loiter in this frequency for many years as a victim, or a vigilante, powered by hate. Only one day, they will realize that they were being very self destructive. It is the opposite of the polarity of creation.

Often, the catalyst of a shift to a positive polarity, or aura, will be a massive dark event which will be v negativity charged and traumatic that the person will want nothing more than to find a path to higher ground. So if you are stuck in the rut of negativity, just start to watch all actions, thoughts and deeds and move your position along the scale towards a positively-orientated polarity. After all, we are on a planet of free will and you ultimately make the choice.

How do beings of a positive nature fit into this spectrum? Everything in our existence is a duality, such as light and dark. Fear is aligned with dark, but even a small match can illuminate a dark room. Even a tiny amount of light has a large impact on darkness. Fear can be dispelled with just as easily. Being positively polarized simply means that your vibratory field is at a frequency aligned with love and light.

We are all energetic bodies flowing with emotions. Emotions can be thought of as ‘energy in motion.’ Over time, we can gain control of this motion as our emotional intelligence increases. What this means for you is that you are capable of directing your energy in a way that increases your positivity and raises your vibrations. This puts you in alignment with the vibrations of uplifting, protecting, serving, loving, caring, compassion, kindness, support, patience, admiration, forgiveness, courage, tenderness, respect, gratitude, willingness and graciousness.

All bodies have an electromagnetic field and the frequency you emit effects not only yourself, but others as well. We regulate this energy field first through our thoughts and imagination, which is transmuted into the vibratory wave field as emotions. When we project these emotional waves, we affect everything around us, including patterns, systems and particles potentially light years away.

The point of my writing this is two-fold. First, to incite the fact that every person has the power to choose at every moment of each day what they want to be and what they want to represent. The constant choice to choose love dramatically polarizes the world into a beautiful state. Positive energy and expanded consciousness translates into more light. As we focus our attention to our vibratory field we can learn to encompass a more beautiful state of awareness and bliss.

There is some confusion here about a battle between good versus evil and light versus darkness. There is no battle – it is merely a system of education. The misinterpretation has only been used by the negative polarity to utilize the power of fear. In the system of duality, we need the opposing forces to enact lessons. We can not know light with out it’s opposite, darkness. We can not contemplate true love without knowing its opposite. We cannot choose our path into a positive state until our soul’s essence can accurately understand what it truly wants to represent.

The second is to express the best way to protect ourselves from negativity and promote positive change in our lives. Simply put, the key is to avoid negativity at all costs. You will be happier, live longer and in much better health. Get as far away from toxic, negative energy as you can.

How do you know if someone is toxic or an energy vampire? Typically, you feel tired and weak almost immediately when you see them or are near them. You will lose pleasure or feel demotivated for no seemingly no reason. What can you do about this? You can send them good vibes! When they pop into your head, think beautiful thoughts about them. Send as much light and love as you can at them, energetically. Even envision a warm light around them and force a smile. This will increase polarity in your favour. Remember the advice, “love thy enemy,” that is the intended message. This practice will help to enhance your aura, as well.

If you are a grumpy, frustrated, depressed person, or you worry excessively, play the victim, are angry and often feel hate bubbling up within you, then you might want to consider making a conscious choice to change. It will take time, but it will be well worth the effort! Being happy and full of joy sure beats misery any day, in my books. Start with your thoughts and switch them to positive ones as often as possible. When you feel the negativity creeping up, take a timeout and think about getting into a more positive frame of mind.

Remember you control your mind, you are the boss. Don’t feel sorry for yourself and don’t spread that vibe to others. Listen more! That’s a big one. Don’t go on and on about negative subjects. Only watch and listen for positive stuff. Try 30 minutes a day of positive affirmations using head phones. Listen to happy upbeat music, don’t hang around bad people, don’t do drugs and don’t drink. One social drink is every month or so is fine, but anything more is just a depressant. Get plenty of exercise, oxygen in the blood makes happy people! Have some hobbies that allow you to create things, it will make you feel accomplished and good. Remember to give yourself a break! The more you love yourself, the easier it is to love all others. Help someone, giving your time and energy unconditionally does wonders for the soul! Throw out your scorecard – just enjoy life and stop keeping a tab of what others owe you! Just be good for the sake of being good. And most importantly, don’t forget to smile. The best way to change a mood is to simply throw a big goofy smile on your face. Even if it’s fake, it won’t take long until you start to feel a change in your energy field. Try it!

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