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It’s All About Connection

Barbara McBean

by Barbara McBean

Abstract Network Connections

January 18, 2021


In a time when we can feel so disconnected, what does it take to connect again authentically?

The first rule of any connection and to liking another person, whether it be romantically or as a friend or family, respect is the key.  If you don’t respect who a person is, how can you attune your attention properly to them. 

So what is respect?  It means seeing a person as they are and enjoying and unconditionally accepting who they are. It means having a fondness for their ways and their uniqueness.

From respect we can move to the next level, which is admiration. Admiration being that desire to know about the other and a sense of curiosity in learning who they are. A form of advanced “watching” and admiring all that they do and are.   

From admiration you then can form a sense of adoration and love.  This is the emotional state of balance and oneness that all beings seek.  It is the “home” vibration.  Adoration in its purest form is unwavering, unconditional love.  You can only truly see anyone this way when you also love yourself completely, for any other imbalanced form is not love at all. Obsession is not adoration. Obsession is a lack of something within one’s self that creates a void that can lead to co-dependency.

So how do we start to cultivate these things within our relationships? 

  1. When you feel a good thing about another person, say it! The soul needs to hear it. Will anyone ever grow tired of hearing how beautiful, wonderful and talented they are? No, they won’t! 
  2. Be excited about living! When you approach every task with positivity and with a spirit of excitement, it becomes contagious and you start to see the world in a better light.
  3. Be beautiful in all that you do and you will see it mirrored in everything around you. This requires a long explanation; but essentially give your best to 100% of every moment of each day. This also translates to giving your best to each and every interaction.  You will start to see a change in people around you. The world will become what you give to it.
  4. Give and serve. When you give and serve others, you merge yourself into the flow of love. With love flowing through you, helping others with honor and respect becomes the greatest gift.
  5. The little things matter. Love and respect are shown continuously through every tiny moment. It’s not the big gifts that can be given to cover up detached attachment. Love is made moment by moment, gesture by gesture. When we concede to being supportive, kind and caring to others, we allow them to feel safe, happy and loved.
  6. Don’t rush through experience. Life is meant to be a symphony of a million tiny beautiful moments. It’s not about getting there fast. Where is there? When do you know you have arrived? I’ll tell you there is nowhere you will ever find. It’s an illusion. The place you want to be is here, now. The beautiful moment of now, if you choose to see it that way. Everything beautiful is an outward manifestation of love.

Balance is the key, which also means having self respect and self love. Your life is truly a reflection of your inner morals, goals, character and attitude. The poorest of men can be the happiest of souls, while the richest can see value in very little.

Everything that happens to us is good. It is for us to know and to grow.  Life is a journey designed for us to gain knowledge. Whether that knowledge be of the dark or of the light, we must know all we can know.

Life is one long preparation for the ultimate expression of love.

The ultimate understanding of what love is has to be learned through many lessons. Life itself is a transcendent adventure.

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