Eternal Insights

The Nature of Positive Existence

Barbara McBean

by Barbara McBean

Entrance To Magical Land

January 11, 2021


Let’s talk about what it means to exist here! What are we all doing, exactly? Are we living on purpose? Or are we just going through the motions, paying the bills, doing what other people tell us is the right thing to do. And when I say the “Right” thing to do, what I mean is how are we spending our time?

What do we think about. That is a very particularly important thing. Do we think about our past? That script that we all carry around in our back pocket that we think defines us.

Do we think about the future? Are we worried and fearful? Angry or uncertain? What are we doing right here and now that defines who we are? Are we scrolling on Facebook looking at other people’s lives. Watching television and eating food we know is not good for us? Maybe we are drinking too much. Why would anyone do any of these things when it’s evident that it will never get you to the destination of bliss!

There is a very special force inside of each and every person and it is called will. This power literally dictates who and what we will become. Having a strong will, now that is something worth examining and working on. You see, people with a strong will literally will themselves into a beautiful life.

You see everyone eating junk food, but your will is stronger than immediate pleasure, so your will ensures your health, over and over again. You hear people gossiping and spreading negativity. A strong-willed person will simply walk away and start a task that is meaningful. Because they know that nothing fruitful comes from that type of discourse. You get into a family situation and your family members start bringing up the past and things that are long gone; unhealthy talk. The strong-willed person, no matter what the group thinks, will take herself or himself out of that vortex of energy and go read a book or do something of value due to their own individual will.

So don’t be afraid of that power inside you. And – if right now, your will is allowing you to stay stuck; if your will is not pushing you towards your dreams – then what do you do?

You examine it and ask it to create a better version of its self. You set goals and higher standards for your own personal wilfulness.

It’s a medical fact that when two patients that go into life-saving surgery, it’s the patient that has the will to live that has the best chances. The patient that has already given up inside their own mind vastly decreases their rate of survival.

The secret is your will drives you to be the best version of yourself, if it’s set to the highest potential. Believe in your dreams, work on your body and your health! Examine your mind and how you think. Because you are what you think about yourself, are you not?

Watch who you allow in your life. Surround yourself with good people, period. What will you tolerate? People that want to hold you back and put you down? Or people that want to see you shine and believe in you? It’s all in your hands. It’s your will! Now isn’t that empowering.

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